Sunday, 21 October 2012

hopeless dream

this entry is totally about life

things happens for reasons
and that changes us too
the story start here..

On 17th october

Malam yang miserable jugak sebenarnya bila malam yg sepatutnya bermakna jadi teruk sekelip mata. Mulanya perkara biasa sering terjadi... yes, a fight with him!  just nice sbb i tgah period pain. so i terlepas ckp leave other term break up sebenarnyer. then rase bersalah bcoz esoknye dye ade muet n i didnt support him any. later turns out that things get even worse day by day. all rasa syg sume hilang n i dont know what to do. i do miss him.really miss him but i dont want to show it.sakit sebernarnye bile ade guys yg sanggup melutut merayu terimalah die kembali n you try to pretend like it was nothing! thats what im doing when he came to me and beg for my forgiveness.... 

im still in the process of recovery. every night i cant sleep. keep on thinking about him.nothing can make me happier. maybe i can be happy but it wont last longer. the memories of us being together keep on playing on my i wish  time will turned back,surely i wont let him go. OMG! what im doing???/
 this is not me! totally not me! i cried everyday...every night, every seconds like there's no place for other people to cruel is that??? sigh....

this time the pain is greater. even his cold voice could make my hearts melts im gonna survive in this few days?months?years? the memories of him always came to me....not even one slipped from my i wish us to be back together..holding hands like there's no ends...looking at each other..n blindly going somewhere without being planned!
how im gonna forget those sweet memories??? how??? do teach me...pleasee...

i dont know how much longer do i have to stay being like this... i dont have any appetite...i feel hungry...but the moments the food was served, its not tempting anymore...because i keep on thinking about him?did he eats today? what he's doing? how's his day??
did it bad..did it went good...because we shared the joy together....being in love for about 5 years its not as easy as people might says. definitely the pain will be greatest in the world! Nampak x over kat citu??hahaha

i dont know laa cm ne nk balik rumah..bile kat rumah..everything nmpk bende dye..semuanyer barang dier! cm ne i nk lupakan dye nie???i tringin nk tido tp xdapat...selalu terjaga tengah malam n mimpi about him...

dah la..cukup lah nie about my blog....nnt update lg....
thanks for siapa2 yg sudi mendengar..

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