Tuesday, 2 October 2012

forgive u but never want you!

lame dah x berblogger!
today nk story pasal something
few years back,
i met someone...
used to be my so called bff
at last she turned off
and leave me nothing.
i was in deep frustrated
with her.
truly hurt by her.
so in short,
im gonna share today
that im totally over you..
i dont even regret of losing you anymore.
not even once!!
until now i dont think that i will be able to meet you..
im sorry,..but
i just cant!!
seeing you just make my day feel even worse!
i know im kinda mean to you
but thats the truth babe!
im not gonna even look at u..
im letting you go now
dont ever asked anything about me
bcoz for now
youre just nothing!
nothing that i could remember..
so back off pleaseee...
i wont even regret it...nope!
thanks for the pain u give me!
someday i will meet you but we aren't close as before
thanks to you!

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