Saturday, 14 April 2012

miserable week of mine.

Dah lame x update.
rase rindu plak.
at this particular moments 
im gonna tell you
real story..
when in first month
everything is fine
but at the first of second month
there is a lot to take
there's a problem
here and there
sometimes i might feel
like run away
but i can't
I believe in myself
to give faith in everything risk that i'm having
i trust all of them
we will be fine
like old times
we wont cry
and we wont sad
memories of us
wont disappeared
if anything happen in future
we still believe
we had strong relationship before...:)
there's a time
i might feel 
the path that 
im chosen is wrong
luckily my baby 
advise me to stay
in what matters that comes
u have to stay strong,baby!
that's phrase make me stronger
even when im really 
deep in pain
i cried in night
never listen to what
my hearts says
forgetting and forgiving 
to stay at peace
im sure my baby
will always understand and support me
in every steps that i take
he's my strength,courage, and passion
without him,
im nothing.
i love u till end of my breathe sayang. :)
how i miss home
the feel of hugging Boboy
really drown meaway
really make me fly away
at the skies 
ouh my...
how i missed the smell of my own rooms
the sound of laugh
of my beloved family
we shared laughter
till end of midnight
spend hours of time
without worrying anything
really make my day
as complete as
a beautiful birds...:)
give me strength  again
to pass through
another week
which i considered
more miserable than this week
give me strength and courage

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